Pre HL: After After-Party


Behind the one way mirror, Thrill’s dorm mates dispersed back to their respective afterparty dalliances.  With a fading smile Thrill looks around to see newly commissioned female cadets draped over smiling Officers.  Upset at being left alone in a crowded room; shifting her weight from foot to foot; Thrill is feels out of place & detached. Still gripping the empty vodka bottle, she scans the room.  As her gaze flickers from face to face looking for anyone familiar, she notices glittering halos around individual’s heads; blinking dispersed these halos. Thrill was eyeing the dozen or so Corporate Officers enjoying the attentions of the giggling new graduates when she spied her Medical Instructor, Dr. Forbes.  Thrill perked up. He must of asked for me! “Dr.Forbes!”, she awkwardly calls & waves. Forbes turned and smiled fondly at Thrill.

“Ms.Gage”, he slurs as he gives her a touchy feely hug. “Or shall I be more formal…Corporal Gage” and squeezes her butt cheek.  Thrill smacks his hand off her ass, but he didn’t even notice…irritated she wanted attention…but from drunk ole Dr. Forbes.  SHIT! Thrill responds with forced enthusiasm, “Theres not too much formality about this place to say the least. But I’m so glad you requested that I be here.” A confused look past over his face, “Call me drunk, but I don’t know what you’re talking about.” There is an awkward pause & Thrill is confused.  Forbes stutters, “What are you doing now?” “The Corporation has hired me to work as a nurse in their portable field hospitals.”  “Excellent you will excel it that!.”  Receiving a compliment from Dr.Forbes, even if drunk, was such a rare treat for Thrill that she blushed, dropped her chin to her chest, and turned away briefly.  As she was turning back to Dr. Forbes a dark lean gaze locked into her eye.  The intensity coming from this individual as so vibrant that Thrill froze, when a white smile flashed, her heart began to stutter.

A little breathless, Thrill refocused back on the red-cheeked Dr.Forbes. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the dark lean figure studying her. Trying to decide if the feeling was creeping or flattering. Thrill swallowed hard, be cool, act cool he didn’t see you freeze.  Did he? Thrill asked Forbes, “Who is that Officer to my left?” Forbes looks over, frowns and replies curtly  “That…THAT… is the Corporation’s leading experimental surgeon, Dr.Hill. Highly decorated for his techniques in integrating synthetic materials into human body systems. Brilliant in his field.” Forbes gestures randomly with his empty glass, “That man thinks so far outside of the box, he has left his morals behind. Thinks he omicipant! Will use anyone for his own needs.” There was a pause, Thrill’s mind, although prone to short attentions, was processing this information when an unfamiliar silky deep voice responded, “That’s a little unfair”.

Thrill’s head whips to her left and there standing just behind her is Dr.Hill.  Sinewy, lank with broad shoulders and coal black hair, a day growth of stubble on his chin. Dr.Hill slips his arms around Thrill’s shoulders and hugs her close to his side.  “You’re gonna make this young dear think I’m some kind of monster.” Thrill has to consciously shut her mouth as is was hanging open, she feels dizzy in the presence of this man. Forbes struggles for words but only manages to spit out ‘Omicipant’ before turning and stumbling through the mirrored wall.

Hill’s eyes laugh as Forbes departs. He looks down at Thrill who is wrapped under his arm, he lets her go and extends his hand. “Time for proper introductions, I’m Dr. Mack Hill”.  Thrill hadn’t realized that she was clutching her the empty vodka bottle. Snapping out of her fluttering haze, she grins and shakes Hill’s hand, “I’m Corporal Gage.” “Wonderful to meet you Ms.Gage,” he smiles and gently takes the empty bottle out of Thrill’s hand, “Are you enjoying your after party”.  Embarrassed she is caught with and empty booze bottle she turns beet red.  Thrill nods thinking to herself that it just got a lot better.  He hails the organic waiter to refill the her glass. “More Vodka?”

“I like you. Even before you walked through that mirror I knew I wanted to know you.” Thrill is enthralled, “Really?” “And then when I heard you talking with Forbes about working in the field hospitals I became really interested because you will be seeing some of my work.  I sometimes rotate in the field hospitals working on….elective enhancements.  I find people are more willing to…TRY…things when they hover in the in the Grey between the Light and the Dark.” He looks deep into Thrill to watch her reaction. Thrill’s mind at times is too shallow.  The thought that fired through her synapses was ‘OMG! I will be working with this guy!’.  Sensing that he was waiting for a response Thrill inquires mindlessly, “How could you hear us we were on the other side of the room?” Hill he taps his ear and responds, “Synthetically enhanced tympanic membranes and implanted sensory epithelium.” “Oh….”, Thrill is trying to concentrate, but she is drunk & stoned, she has a feeling she should go home. “Do you have any enhancements?” Thrill giggles and tries to do a slow sexy spin, “Nope.” She gestures at her body, “This is 100% O-Natural”.  The effect was almost like watching a toddler try to turn around; all teetery & wobbly. Dr. Hill is grinning; he is all teeth.

Mack passed Thrill a new glass of vodka as he did this, without her noticing, He slipped a semi-transparent capsule into her drink.  Immediately the capsule dissolves. “Cheers!” They tinked glasses.  As Thrill sipped her drink she briefly thought that it tasted metallic. Wow! She thinks to herself, this vodka must be vintage.  His eye caught her’s.  Looking up at him she could think about nothing else. A smile split his lean face in half once they finished their drinks.  He leaned down and kissed her full on the lips, then abruptly pulled away. He slammed his empty glass on the table and his jackal face lit up. “Let’s dance!”, he announced. Heading backwards to the dance floor he beckons Thrill to follow him. Thrill, beaming through his wake, trails after him.

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