Pre HL: Getting Ready

GETTING READY FOR THE GRADUATION AFTER PARTYFour giggling and loud female voices echoed out of a Corporate dorm washroom. The newly graduated corporals are preparing to attend their graduation after party and are dressed to impress. “Do my boobs look good?” “Yes, you got the biggest boobs of us all” “Wait just stuff that in there a little, good!” “Here just snuff this up your nose” “GAWD” “No, not like that.  Block off one nostril with your finger” “Yeah, that’s it” “Fawk!” “ You bumped me now my eyeliner is all shit!” “Suck your tummy in or your Chaperon won’t take you back to his dorm. Suck in and tits out!” “I hear he keeps a flashlight in his pocket” “WHAT?!?” “I hear it’s more like a pencil!” “I’m SO full!” “You’re so Fat!” “Whatever, that juice better be worth the squeeze!” “MORE DRINKS!”.   The giggles continued to trickle out of the shared washroom.

Thrill walks out of the washroom which she shares with her three dorm-mates, she goes to the kitchenette and starts to mix a mild synthetic alkaloid-alcoholic beverage which they fondly referred to as the ‘Stargazer’. Thrill’s Corporate dorm room is a cramped but comfortable and crisp environment.  It is accented by polished concrete floors and smooth bright white hard plastic surfaces, in which if you looked hard you could see your reflection.

The sweet taste of the amphetamine impregnated silicone tab on Thrill’s tongue finally dissipated and a warm buzz was spreading through her body, like water being sucked up by a sponge.  She rolls the tab out of her mouth and spits it in the garbage, it is vaporized immediately. Gawd, she sighs to herself, I love those lab boys down at the Chem. Department, they really know how to make a good product.  She giggles at nothing as she pours out the girl’s drinks.  The rest of the girls tumble out of the washroom and grab their beverages.  “A toast!” says Thrill, “To graduating from the Corporation’s Military Academy!!!”. Squeals erupt for the ladies, glasses are tinked, and booze mixed with giggles are spilled onto the hard concrete floor. They exclaim togather, “May our futures be bright and let’s get all get laid tonight!”. More giggles, then perfumed heads are thrown back and cool liquid flows past soft lips.

A synthetic stiff voice from the overhead speaker announces, “INCOMING HOLO-G”, all the girls heads whip around to stare at the Holo-Pad attached to the wall as a hologram materializes. Its a Red headed young man dressed in the  Corporation’s formal Cadet uniform.  “Shh, Shh, Shh…”, Thrill presses the talk button,  “Yes?”.  The Hologram shifts his weight from foot to foot, “Your Chaperons are here.”  Thrill grins and rolls her eyes at the onlooking girls. Giggles & snickers erupt.  Thrill replied smoothly,  “Excellent we’ll be down shortly”.  The hologram shifts his weight again and replies, “Ummmm…yeah you said that a half hour ago”.   He looks over his shoulder,  “And the lads are getting more..umm…restless to get out of here”. Thrills laughs aloud, “Excellent!  We’re walking out the door right now”.  She removes her finger from the button, the overhead speaker states the obvious, “HOLO-G ENDED”.

One of the girls remarks “It is so stupid that the Corporation insists female Cadets still need to be chaperoned! Stupid!  We just bang after anyways”.   Laughter erupts. The girls filter through the dorm door, as they make their way to the underground departure platform, their laughter and clicking heels echo off the cold smooth white walls.  Half way there one of the girls halts to a stop and groans, “Oh Gawd! Do we have to go outside? I didn’t bring my re-breather mask”. Thrill replies, “No we’re leaving via the underground, but I guess when the vehicle pulls up the to Corporate Officer’s Exhibition Hall we’ll have to be outside for a little bit”. “Shit!”  Thrill’s eyes widen, “Don’t worry about it, just hold your breath as you walk in”.  “I hate being outside”. Three sets of  eyes are rolled, “Suck it up princess”, is the communal response.

The four young men, all looking smashing in their crisp Cadet uniforms, are waiting for the girls on the departure platform.  They are in a very jolly state. They are drinking out of flasks and play fighting with one another. Thrill’s dorm mates all go pouncing and giggling over to their respected ‘Chaperon’. Thrill calmly walks up to the red haired young man that Holo-G’d earlier.  She gives him a big hug and a small quick kiss on each freckled cheek.  Thrill looks up at him pats his collar straight and sighs,”I’m SO glad your dorm was assigned to chaperon us tonight”. She hopes he didn’t detect the sarcasm in her voice.

The group turns and walks to the droid piloted vehicle which will take them to the after party in the Officer’s Exhibition Hall.  As they were walking, Thrill’s Chaperon wraps his arm around her waist and moves his hand over her butt-cheek and gives it a squeeze. Thrill clicks her tongue in annoyance, she smacks his hand and moves it up to cross her shoulder.  He grins down at her and she squints her eyes at him pretending to be angry.  The graduates pile into the vehicle, all very excited to party their night into the ground.

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